Monthly Archives: September, 2012

::tap tap:: Is this thing on?

Oh. That’s right. I have a blog. 

My apologies for my absence. It’s with good reason though. See, I’ve entered into the querying world and most days I can be found chewing my nails down to my knuckles and consuming entirely too much caffeine. (I’m pretty sure that both of those things cancel out each other, or feed into each other. I’m not sure which.) I say my absence has been good because I’m moving forward. It’s scary, but I’m doing it. 

On one of my original posts I mentioned I got my first rejection. To that girl who wrote it, (Yes, I realize it’s creepy, and very pretentious to talk to myself, while writing about myself) I just have one thing to say to you: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! 

Sense of humor. Any person who has gone through the literary process of querying to try and find an agent has to have one. If you don’t, you will get sucked into the vortex of self-dispair while your husband wonders why you’ve been in the same pajama’s for days and there is empty Nutella jars all over the house. You have to have a sense of humor when you get four rejections in one day. You have to find something to giggle about when you get one of the many form letters from an agent, especially the one that reads: ‘Not interested in this.’ (Yes, it said just that. No ‘thanks’. No ‘have a nice day’. There wasn’t even a ‘sincerely’. I think spending two years on a manuscript and going through the soul crushing process of querying should at least warrant a ‘sincerely.’) You might even chuckle when an agent sends you a rejection late on a saturday afternoon, and find yourself thinking, ‘THANKS FOR THAT!’

Sense of humor. Yes, it’s mandatory. I’m still in the early parts of querying too, about a third of the way through my targeted list of agents. Realistically, I know it may not happen with this project. It may not even happen with the next. I have to be prepared for that because this journey isn’t a race, it’s a marathon. Now, I’m in no position to run a marathon, but I can tell you that this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Blood, sweat, tears, and two years of my life are in this manuscript. I’m asking a professional to take it on, without any compensation at first, and try and sell it. I want someone to read it and love these characters as much as I do. I want them to hear their heartbeats and feel every emotion. It’s a lot to ask. For that, I’m grateful for any agent that gives my book a glance. For me, it’s my passion, but for agents, it’s their business. We are different breeds, but I think we’re in it for the same goal.

I know the statistics. Landing an agent is one thing, but selling a book is another. Luckily for me I have a few dear friends who have been through this process already and have graciously listened to my hysterics and given me so much valuable advice. There’s comfort in that. 

So, you won’t hear me complaining. (It sounds like I’ve been doing nothing but complaining, right? I’m not really. It’s a process, a process that is really, really hard, but if it isn’t hard, I wouldn’t know the true struggle.) I’m in the real life Hunger Games, fighting and clawing my way through a jungle of equally talented writers. I think the thing that separates the one who gets the agent, and the one who doesn’t is the same thing that Katnsis had: Luck. Yes, you have to ability and drive, but being that one query, at that right moment, with the right agent, is luck. That makes me feel a bit better.

For now, I’m going to indulge in my sense of humor and know I’m traveling the same path that so many of the greats have walked before me. That, in and of itself, is pretty cool.